Morey Mach 7-7 & Morey Richard Diaz


Brand: Morey Boogie
Model: Mach 7-7
Year: 1984
Features: Crescent tail, 60/40 rails

Behold the most recognized and popular bodyboard of all time! The ubiquitous Mach 7-7 was the flagship of the Morey Boogie line and the de facto standard by which all other bodyboards were measured throughout the 1980s. The board featured the perfect combination of versatility and flexibility, and it was affordable enough for most bodyboarders to use the same equipment that all the pros were using. This second generation of Mach 7-7 featured an orange bottom with the black bar decal and the embossed logo.

Brand: Morey
Model: Richard Diaz
Year: 2012
Features: Crescent tail, 50/50 rails

 After a year of field testing and shredding the world over, Morey team rider Richard Diaz brings you his new and refined signature board model with the most established bodyboarding company of all time, Morey.  The pro model you see before you has been tweaked by the man himself and optimised for speed, control and projection. Richard has encorporated his knowledge and experience into this well rounded craft, designed for big airs and superior performance Easily one of the most exciting board models for 2012!

The Morey Richard Diaz Series from Richard Diaz on Vimeo.