Gran Slam Series


Pipeline Challenge Hawaii
FEB 15-24

01 Pipeline 2012
Pipe is the perfect setting for the open of the 2012 season. An iconic and famous wave, the Banzai Pipeline is often referred to as the best wave on the planet. Known for its faultless, heaving top-to-bottom barrels and its close proximity to shore, not only is it the perfect wave for those willing to challenge its ferocity, but its also a spectacle for the live audience on the beach. Part of the attraction of Pipeline is that with the impeccability comes consequence.

MAR 26-APR 4

02 The Box 2012
Last years extreme final day conditions set the stage for another amazing contest at one of Australia wildest slabs. The trials will once again be staged at Gas Bay and the main event will feature the new “Show-down” format that will be used in 2012. Margret River will light up with the worlds best riders from March 26.

MAY 18-27

03 Chile 2012
Chile is fast becoming one of the superpowers of the sport by hosting 3 IBA World Tour events in 2012. Antofagasta (6 Star GQS) Arica (GSS) and Enqueque (GQS 1 Star). But its the heaving barrells of El Gringo that will once again be the star attraction after GT set a new standard last year in perfect 10 foot lefts. Don’t miss this one!

Itacoatiara Pro Brazil
JUN 7-16

04 Brazil 2012
The IBA Makes a welcome return to Brazil in 2012 with the wedgey peaks of Itacoitaria hosting a Mens GSS event. This place is perfect to showcase the sport to a large audience of dedicated fans and is close to the city of Rio. GT says if the banks are good we are in for a real show!

Mexico Pro
AUG 1-11

05 Mexico Pro 2012

Sintra Portugal Pro
Aug 25 - Sep 2

06 Sintra Portugal Pro 2012

Encanto World Series
Nov 2-13

07 Encanto World Series 2012

Fronton Pro
Dec 7-16

08 Fronton Pro 2012