Shark Island Challenge comienza hoy - 22 horas.


Previsto comenzar - hoy dia 16 junho - 22:00 Shark Island Challenge

The 2011 BodyboardBet Shark Island Challenge, 2nd June – 25th July. An IBA specialty event presented by RYDGES and supported by Emerald, Riptide , Paramount Concrete and Uptown Group.

Green Light for Friday 17th June, 7am - 2011 BodyboardBet Shark Island Challenge

Contest director Alex Leon has given the green light for the 2011 Bodyboardbet Shark Island Challenge. The low pressure system in the Tasman Sea will strengthen into Thursday producing a swell of 2-3m, which is forecast to deliver 6ft waves on Friday morning.

First heat will kick-off at 7:00am. Event duration will be 5 hours finishing at 12:00pm.

Heats are as follows:

Heat 1: Damian Martin, Joe Clarke, Nick Ormerod, Ben Hall and Shaun Pyne.

Heat 2: Sam Strachan, Jacob Romero, Mike Stewart, Dave Winchester and Dave Ballard.

Heat 3: Chase O’Leary, Andrew Lester, Mark McCarthy, Ben Player and Christian Riguccini.

Heat 4: Mitch Rawlins, Jeff Hubbard, Jason Finlay, Adam Smith and Damian King.

The event will be streamed live on Coverage will start from 7:00am EST.

International time zones:

Brazil (RIO) - Thursday 6:00pm

Lisbon - Thursday 10:00pm

Los Angeles - Thursday 2:00pm

Hawaii Thursday 11:00am

UK (London) - Thursday 10:00pm

Sth Africa (Cape Town) - Thursday 11:00pm

Check this link announcing the event to go on Friday -

All rider’s odds are now live on bodyboardbet and we welcome everyone to register to have a bet on your favourite rider to win the event, win the best barrel or the best punt. Simply go to to join and may the best of luck run with you as watch this exciting event take place.

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