Dia 6 Arica Chilean Challenge


Comunicado IBA:
«Day 6 of the Arica Chilean Challenge period, will likely be the last lay before the Grand Slam action starts, as growing surf expected from Thursday onwards. Event organisers and riders alike used todays team challenge as a warm up for the next few days of highly anticipated competition. Large swell, due to show forerunners from as soon as Thursday morning, will undoubtably provide 3 days of action packed competition. The shallow reef combined with large, long period swell (up to 18 second period), will put even the best riders skills and nerves to the test. El Gringo is famous for its death defying left barrel and huge righthand air-bowls. The Arica Chilean Challenge is set to become the bodyboarding showdown of the year.»

En resumen; el día 6 será el último día de espera, ya que se espera un grand swell el jueves (HOY), con periodos de 18 segundos.
Los nervios de los atletas están a la flôr de la piel y de certeza que será el mejor espectáculo de la tierra y del año!